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A book, your book. What better way to hold your special day in the palm of your hand, turned into images. Designed with a view to the days to come, this album is going to last a long time, thanks to its unique fine-art print. What we love most is seeing how the images we realize take shape and body on paper, how they recount your story just by lying together one next to the other, without the need to add anything else. We think that what gives images their real value is mostly the fact that we are able to recognize, even today, their outstanding bodily nature. Printed photographs regain their authenticity, can be touched and felt one by one and can create a unique moment for you to share with your friends and family.

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We chose fine-art printing because nowadays it's the best way to represent artwork on paper. In the realm of digital printing, the term Fine Art brings with it the quality of certified pigments, of cotton paper; the ability to effectively reproduce colors and guarantee durability. We use inkjet printing (Giclèe printing), where different outcomes depend on different types of paper. We offer Watercolor Fine Art, Digigraphie certified 188 gms. This paper is designed to simulate the surface texture of traditional watercolor supports, and is a perfect fit for artworks and limited edition prints.

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